Ways to be productive this Ramadan!!

First week of summer is always wonderful. By the second week you’re bored and want to go back to school and see your friends (at least this is the case with me). But what are some awesome things you can do if you’re not travelling this summer?

Here’s what you can do, if not travel!!

  • Make a film.

It’s all about VINE, SNAPCHAT and YouTube these days!! So get together with your friends and make videos. it’s an awesome way to make memories. I have plenty of dancing videos that I am too embarrassed to show anyone, but they bring back so many golden memories.

  • Start a podcast

Unfortunately for me I am not really interested in one particular thing, and it is kind of complicated to talk about my endless interests. So if you’re really passionate about something, why not share it with the world?

“If you have knowledge,
let others light their candles in it.”–Margaret Fuller

  • Invite people over

Since Ramadan falls in summer this year and people come back to Saudi Arabia to spend Ramadan with their loved ones, because it is the best can’t deny that! So invite your friends over. What better way to earn some Ajar (good deeds) if not to feed the hungry? Lol.

Besides they wouldn’t even complain, if the food is bad. I am not saying it “will” be, i’m just saying It “MIGHT” be.

  • Volunteer!!

Volunteering can be satisfying and uplifting, because you’re not only working towards a good cause but also being productive with your time. Ask around and get busy!!


As much as I love to buy new clothes and look at them every now and then, I hate giving away clothes I don’t wear ( DON’T JUDGE ME). I have an emotional attachment to them, even if I have never worn them (I know you do too). Pick out the clothes you haven’t worn in 2-10 years ( please don’t tell me i’m the only one who has clothes from her middle school still in her wardrobe) and donate!

  • Redecorate

What better way to spend time than redoing your room OR YOUR ENTIRE  HOUSE? Okay I got a little too excited there. Use your creative side and impress your parents or anyone else you want to impress. I am doing our family bathroom, can’t wait for the end result. I MEAN’T REDOING!!

  • Just sleep!

If everything else is too much for you, just sleep. But I’m not saying sleep like  a corpse and give up on life for 2 months.

PEACE!! \/


Ramadan Resoluuuu–fooooooooooodd!!!

Every New Year, I make a list of resolutions that I follow till the end of January and then I forget about it. I know I’m not the only one doing this, and if you’re reading this and denying it, who you foolin’, son?

Since Ramadan is the month of purification and you’re told to refrain from daily distractions, I thought why not make Ramadan resolutions and I know I will stick to them since shaitan is locked up and can’t distract me, unless my own mind plays some sort of games on me due to hunger. Like Hunger games, only less violent.

You can have your own list of resolutions, anything you want to do or try to do every Ramadan and unfortunately you fail.

I try to finish the Quran and always alwayyyysss end up finishing it after Ramadan, so resolution number 1 is to finish the Quran in time.

Another bad habit is to listen to music. It just makes everything fun and the beats get really catchy especially during Ramadan time. Hold your horses, and don’t judge me just yet, I only listen to music in the last 10 days, which I just realized makes it even worse since that is the most pious time of Ramadan. Well, here we have it, second resolution of Ramadan. Oh you can judge me now.

Internet is a necessary evil. It’s useful, but it can waste a lot of your precious time (Facebook, twitter!!) So what we have to do is to make an honest effort to not go online that often. Obviously you can’t spend a month without it, but limit the time you spend online (we all know how easy that is 🙂 ), instead spend time making Dua for yourself and others and pray Taraweeh.

Happy fasting!!!