An open letter to the future husband

Dear future husband,

I wonder sometimes, if I will end up with someone already in my life or will it be a total mystery and I will find you at the beach one night staring at the sky and listening to some pathetic love song.

If you already exist in my life, I wonder if you will ever turn into the man I desire. The man who has the ability to take charge and knows exactly what he wants from his life. Other times, I just cannot imagine if someone would actually fall head over heels in love with ME. Even I know dorky-weird-bipolar combination isn’t too APPEALING to men when there are so many other beautiful perfect people walking on the face of this earth.

My love, whoever you are, I want you to know I don’t ask for much. I do love myself some materialism but I wouldn’t want a narcissistic, shallow man who would love my physical beauty and ignore my clumsy, dorky side. People say money is everything in life but I beg to differ. Having someone who loves your true self, wakes up everyday and puts up with your nonsense is what truly matters. Of course, money creates dire consequences in one’s life but they don’t stay forever.

I don’t promise you a perfect life, I’m no psychic, I don’t know what “our” future will be, but I promise to be your right hand (no pun intended).

I promise to keep us together and work on us till we both cannot. If marriage came with a manual, there would be a lot of people still together instead of sharing custody of their kids and dividing their assets. I promise to not be one of them.

I will give you my heart and soul. If you miss our date night and bring me some diamond earrings ( ehehe ) as a make-up-gift, I would be happy. But if you would just show up for our date night (preferably with chocolates), I would be “HAPPIER” 🙂

Whoever you’re, don’t take me for granted and love me for who I am.

I don’t ask for much. Just a few simple things, I hope whenever we start our journey you treat my parents like your own and you love my friends like I do and give me your time and attention.

I promise to do the same.


Your dorky future wife 🙂