When you’re in a long distance sistership!

Long distance sistsership is like that pain you feel when you sit in a plane and are about to leave your hometown, that sinking feeling you experience.

Here is a list of things that happen when you’re in LDS:

Time zone:

When you want to speak to her about the awesome dress you bought that makes you look a lot skinnier than you are, but you’re not sure if it’s alright to wake her up. But yes, you do it anyway!


When it’s the holiday season and everyone is with their families and you’re not. You do everything in your power to be virtually present. Thank you, Skype, Facetime, Facebook message and technology overall!!


Facebook, instagram, twitter, everything else stalking them so you know what they are doing and who their friends are, ’cause you have FOMO(fear of missing out).

Getting updates on family gossip:

They update you on family gossip. One of the many things you miss when you’re away. Don’t pretend like you are above that, we all love our share of family gossip.

Ugly Parent pictures:

When you tell them you miss your parents, and they send you an ugly selfie your mom tried to take with her phone.


You both remind each other of different events like, not forgetting mom’s birthday, getting a father’s day present for dad and posting statuses when something good happens in the family to show your public appreciation, even though you’re not there, but I mean this is how it works, ’cause what’s life without some PDA (public display of affection).

Your wardrobe:

..is not yours anymore. You grit your teeth when you are on Facetime and you see them rock your clothes. That feeling. That feeling of hatred, betrayal, invasion of privacy of your clothes. Sighhh. But you love them, so you let it go and buy more things. 🙂