To wear makeup or to ditch makeup in Ramadan

 Since Ramadan is just around the corner, which means no eating during the day, no gossiping, no calling names and no eating, did I say no eating before? But with that, women also wonder if they should or shouldn’t wear makeup. Make up is empowering. People wear it for different reasons. I wear it because it makes me feel pretty and boosts my confidence.

As someone who admires her daily dose of makeup, I think makeup in Ramadan should be kept to minimal. When you let your body breathe for a month, you should let your face breathe too.

Now the real question is how do I do my wudhu (ablution) with makeup on and still manage to pray? Well, the trick is to do your wudhu before you put on makeup, but if you’re like me you’re highly likely to forget to do your wudhu.

So, instead of going all Kim K and putting 10 layers of makeup, ditch the foundation for a BB/CC cream, instead of using three different mascaras for one that is your favorite for your eyes to pop and a little blush. These three items can be easily washed off and reapplied. Therefore, wudhu can be accepted and you can go on with your prayers.

Ramadan as we all know is the month to purify our souls, minds and bodies. It’s the month of forgiveness and growing closer to Allah, so refrain from talking bad about others and stay pretty!!


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