Ramadan Resoluuuu–fooooooooooodd!!!

Every New Year, I make a list of resolutions that I follow till the end of January and then I forget about it. I know I’m not the only one doing this, and if you’re reading this and denying it, who you foolin’, son?

Since Ramadan is the month of purification and you’re told to refrain from daily distractions, I thought why not make Ramadan resolutions and I know I will stick to them since shaitan is locked up and can’t distract me, unless my own mind plays some sort of games on me due to hunger. Like Hunger games, only less violent.

You can have your own list of resolutions, anything you want to do or try to do every Ramadan and unfortunately you fail.

I try to finish the Quran and always alwayyyysss end up finishing it after Ramadan, so resolution number 1 is to finish the Quran in time.

Another bad habit is to listen to music. It just makes everything fun and the beats get really catchy especially during Ramadan time. Hold your horses, and don’t judge me just yet, I only listen to music in the last 10 days, which I just realized makes it even worse since that is the most pious time of Ramadan. Well, here we have it, second resolution of Ramadan. Oh you can judge me now.

Internet is a necessary evil. It’s useful, but it can waste a lot of your precious time (Facebook, twitter!!) So what we have to do is to make an honest effort to not go online that often. Obviously you can’t spend a month without it, but limit the time you spend online (we all know how easy that is 🙂 ), instead spend time making Dua for yourself and others and pray Taraweeh.

Happy fasting!!!



  1. Sprinkle of Surprise · June 10, 2015

    Hi Girl! Good resolutions, iA you’ll be successful this Ramadan!
    Would love if you would follow me back out here, would love more support from my fellow Muslims! 🙂


  2. rushriri · June 18, 2015

    I hope it works out for you! I should put out my own Ramadan resolutions! Thanks for that!


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