9 types of people you will meet if you work in Saudi Arabia

If you have ever worked in Saudi Arabia or are currently working you will or must have worked with these types of people. At first, you’re not sure what to “label” these people you encounter as, but eventually you figure it out.

So on top of the list is the:


This is usually the Boss or someone in the upper management. Now this person comes to work 3 days a week or 4 ( if he feels like it) at whatever time they want and likes to boss around. Well, because they are the boss. They have very little to no knowledge of running business and most of the time their rich daddy have invested in the business to kill their heirs boredom.

They are basically “USELESS


2) The “Cool” dude

Next on the list is the “cool” dude, believe you me, HE IS NOT COOL. NOT AT ALL. He has worked at the same place for too long and now he likes to call himself the “know-it-all”, frankly, he doesn’t know it all. jerk

3) Barbies

Now, we shall talk about the barbies. Their purpose in life is to put fake lashes, get tans,  then come to work and talk about how “sad” their lives are, because they couldn’t buy the latest Chanel bag. It’s usually a group of 5-6 girls and that’s all that they have to talk about. I am serious. We have lost them in the darkness of materialism.


4) The accountant


Just one look at him will scare you. He always seems to be in a bad mood and doesn’t like to “mess” around with anyone. For some odd reason, all the accountants that I have worked with have had beards. Long Long beards. Hmm!! I wonder what’s up with that.


5) The Stud

I absolutely detest this guy!

He wears half a bottle of perfume everyday and thinks all the girls at work are “dying” over him. 3 out of 10 times, he is not very good-looking but has his head in the clouds.

He needs a reality check. Badly.


Yep. Every office has a kiss-ass. In Jeddah, or Saudi Arabia, we just have too many!!

Their presence makes you feel so uncomfortable. They are always running around those with some or little authority. Their “I love people” policy wants to make you puke, but LOOK OUT!! they can be sneaky too.


7) Cry baby

OMGOSH. Nothing is ever right with this person. Ever. Either they are depressed or upset or going through something. Their personal life is always a “mess”,  their one detestable habit is to engage in chatter when clearly they can see YOU have work to do. Good thing about the cry baby is that they are honest people, so there is no real danger. However, you might want to watch what you say to them if you want to keep your personal life to yourself and not want the whole office to talk about it.


8) Desis ( Indian-Pakistanis)

These people are “over-confident”! It’s a group of 4-5 men and everyday they talk about how if they were running the company, things would be so different. They brag about how their people are running the country and also complain about how their people are being kicked out of the country. They frequently curse their boss for their lack of success.




This person comes to work stoned. ’nuff said. Yep. You know who it is. You have seen the red eyes. Yep.


But no matter what, it’s pretty amusing to work with these kind of people. You get entertained. 🙂


working in saudi arabia as an expat girl

You land your first job and you’re very excited. A night before you start new work, you’re wondering how everyone will be like, what kind of work will you be assigned, 3adi thoughts, you know.

It’s the first day of your job, and you are just anxious and in deep insecurity/inferiority complex because every girl who works here looks so.. flawless. Anyway, you hope these artificial beauties will have at least a nice personality. Then you’ll be disappointed when the HR person won’t even introduce you to the whole team, which will make your day even more.. AWKWARD. Eventually, you will have to build up some courage and go talk to people, which will be a DIFFICULT task. If you speak english, good english, you will start making grammatical mistakes and you will start adding arabic slangs. Everyone who works there will speak in Arabic making you feel like an outcast. At some point, you will feel like secretly learning arabic and eve’s dropping to see if they talk about you or not ?

This experience will open you up to so many different cultures and ideas, you will learn about how Saudis hate their own country and its working system, how these flawless beauties will go to any extend to look flawless, how an uneducated person with ONLY training will earn the same amount of money as you with your master’s or bachelor’s, based on the fact that they are Saudis. Yet they hate their country ?!!

I have worked since the age of 17, I have had quite an experience. Recently, I was working with the accounting department of this “big shot” hospital. When I got the call, I was very excited and thought I would learn a lot from this. I couldn’t be more wrong. My first day I realised how I was the ONLY girl. Two weeks later, I got a surprise when another girl covered from head to toe shows up. Her first day, and she is already complaining to me about why I am wearing nail paint ?  The past two weeks, I mastered sleeping with my eyes open because NO ONE SPOKE ENGLISH or to me for that matter. Anyway, in case anyone is wondering, I left the job in 3 weeks.

If you’re young and you decide to work in a School, DON’T.Just don’t. I was stupid and thought to myself why waste time when I can work somewhere and earn some faloos. One reputable school offered to take me as an activity coordinator. My first day, and my boss doesn’t show up. The next day, they tell me they need a teacher for a week so I will be teaching a class of 20 boys. I hate kids, I was thinking to myself but kept quiet. That one week turned to 2 months, every day I would dread going to work. Those kids were bunch of rich brats, who had no respect for elders. One day, I lost my temper and cussed at a kid. To my defence, I wasn’t really asked if I wanted to work as a teacher and my job description was totally different from the work I was doing. I was only 17, and the things I heard and saw really shocked me. Saudi teachers are rebellious! They would come to work high. They were so good that no one ever suspected them but i think no one cared enough to catch them. Some of the teachers were so bored with their lives, they would tell me how the management was sucky and the only reason why they were working was because there is nothing to do in Saudi Arabia. I was disturbed for a while, because these teachers were making our tomorrow and frankly they weren’t doing a really good job. I lasted no more than 3 months there.

I worked in other places as well, and the only thing that i learned was that no one will ever give you full information. So you need to go and ask, ask ask ask ask!

Another workforce rule just crossed my mind: Segregation! 

Yes, segregation at workforce. Sorry, guys, you can’t have lunch with us or be in the same room as us. It’s too hard for Haya’a ( Islamic police) to swallow. They can LOOK at us and tell us to wear our headscarf and stand 2 steps away from us, and it won’t be 7aram then, but if someone else does it they will make sure to humiliate the woman and warn the man. If you are a newbie, you might want to get used to frequent raids. Haya’a likes to show up, unannounced, every now and then to make sure there aren’t more expats than Saudis and that women aren’t mixing with men.

Working in Saudi Arabia can be very difficult and the way they treat expats in the country is depressing. Now that they are trying to get rid of us, I wouldn’t recommend anyone to work here. You will be treated like trash and you will be taken for granted.

An open letter to the future husband

Dear future husband,

I wonder sometimes, if I will end up with someone already in my life or will it be a total mystery and I will find you at the beach one night staring at the sky and listening to some pathetic love song.

If you already exist in my life, I wonder if you will ever turn into the man I desire. The man who has the ability to take charge and knows exactly what he wants from his life. Other times, I just cannot imagine if someone would actually fall head over heels in love with ME. Even I know dorky-weird-bipolar combination isn’t too APPEALING to men when there are so many other beautiful perfect people walking on the face of this earth.

My love, whoever you are, I want you to know I don’t ask for much. I do love myself some materialism but I wouldn’t want a narcissistic, shallow man who would love my physical beauty and ignore my clumsy, dorky side. People say money is everything in life but I beg to differ. Having someone who loves your true self, wakes up everyday and puts up with your nonsense is what truly matters. Of course, money creates dire consequences in one’s life but they don’t stay forever.

I don’t promise you a perfect life, I’m no psychic, I don’t know what “our” future will be, but I promise to be your right hand (no pun intended).

I promise to keep us together and work on us till we both cannot. If marriage came with a manual, there would be a lot of people still together instead of sharing custody of their kids and dividing their assets. I promise to not be one of them.

I will give you my heart and soul. If you miss our date night and bring me some diamond earrings ( ehehe ) as a make-up-gift, I would be happy. But if you would just show up for our date night (preferably with chocolates), I would be “HAPPIER” 🙂

Whoever you’re, don’t take me for granted and love me for who I am.

I don’t ask for much. Just a few simple things, I hope whenever we start our journey you treat my parents like your own and you love my friends like I do and give me your time and attention.

I promise to do the same.


Your dorky future wife 🙂