When you’re in a long distance sistership!

Long distance sistsership is like that pain you feel when you sit in a plane and are about to leave your hometown, that sinking feeling you experience.

Here is a list of things that happen when you’re in LDS:

Time zone:

When you want to speak to her about the awesome dress you bought that makes you look a lot skinnier than you are, but you’re not sure if it’s alright to wake her up. But yes, you do it anyway!


When it’s the holiday season and everyone is with their families and you’re not. You do everything in your power to be virtually present. Thank you, Skype, Facetime, Facebook message and technology overall!!


Facebook, instagram, twitter, everything else stalking them so you know what they are doing and who their friends are, ’cause you have FOMO(fear of missing out).

Getting updates on family gossip:

They update you on family gossip. One of the many things you miss when you’re away. Don’t pretend like you are above that, we all love our share of family gossip.

Ugly Parent pictures:

When you tell them you miss your parents, and they send you an ugly selfie your mom tried to take with her phone.


You both remind each other of different events like, not forgetting mom’s birthday, getting a father’s day present for dad and posting statuses when something good happens in the family to show your public appreciation, even though you’re not there, but I mean this is how it works, ’cause what’s life without some PDA (public display of affection).

Your wardrobe:

..is not yours anymore. You grit your teeth when you are on Facetime and you see them rock your clothes. That feeling. That feeling of hatred, betrayal, invasion of privacy of your clothes. Sighhh. But you love them, so you let it go and buy more things. 🙂



In a lot of ways, my life is perfect. Nevertheless, a part of me is always depressed. It’s a feeling that can’t be explained. It makes you distant from people and it makes you second guess everything you do on a daily basis. However, it’s not something that you can’t overcome. Yes, it’s just a phase like everything else in your life everyone goes through at least once in their life and if they are strong enough, they don’t let it sink into their skin.

How I have embraced my sadness:

  1. Let it out: Depression makes you feel like no one cares enough about you or rather you’re not worth anyone’s time. Which in today’s world is a known fact, yet your family can be your biggest support system. If you’re depressed, talk to your family or friends anyone you can fully trust and let out the anxiety. Don’t let those feelings, bury inside like old grudges, ’cause they don’t do you no good.
  2. Positivity: It might sound like a cliche, but you need to look at the positive things in life. Yes, your day went horrible and you lost your job or something major happened, but you need to count the positive things. You survived, you woke up, you got to see the sunrise or sunset, you were fortunate enough to get food. There is always something to be thankful for.
  3. It takes its sweet time: Usually when someone is depressed they want to move away from it as soon as possible, but It takes time to shift the curve. Don’t get mad at yourself for being upset or sad, embrace your darkness. You won’t always be happy in life, there’ll be times when queer thoughts will creep in but know that it’s only temporary.
  4. Things change: Once you go through that dark side, prepare yourself for some massive change. Nothing remains the same anymore. Everything changes, you either take your life seriously or you start living it to the fullest. Things that used to make you laugh, don’t make you laugh anymore. Things that intrigued you don’t seem to interest you anymore. It can be good or it can be bad, depending on who you’re.
  5. Feel your emotions: When your heart breaks into million pieces only then do you feel like a full functioning human. How would you know you’re truly happy if you have never experienced sadness? Sadness can be a blessing as well as a curse. People have made the primary purpose of their life to need/want/get/achieve. However, sometimes, sadness can spark a new purpose or meaning.

How working a job helps you

I started my first job when I was 17 years old. I was naive and didn’t know how the workplace politics worked. My first experience wasn’t as good as I had expected it to be. However, it taught me several things that molded me into the person I am right now. Here’s why you should work at least once in your life.


High school doesn’t teach you how to deal with cruel personalities, no one teaches you that. You learn that from experience. When I started working I felt so out of place and never said a word, even when I was taken for granted. Eventually, I learned to stand up for myself and it gave me confidence that I cherish.

Cash flow management:

Trust me, it helps you a lot with money management. At first you don’t know what to do with that money. It’s fine. I blew mine on bags and shoes. But eventually I started saving that money. I don’t have millions right now, but if I had the opportunity to invest it, I would have and who knows might have been a millionaire by now. Invest it or save it!

Time Management:

If you’re in college, I suggest you find an internship and start working. It puts a lot on your plate and you learn to manage your time wisely. You set your priorities, make time for what’s important and what’s well.. not that important. It’s better to get a hold of time management skills while still in college rather than trying to figure it out while you start your first job post college.

Puts you ahead of competition:

A work experience on your resume stands you out. Employers are looking for people who know their way around an office. If you have got some work experience on that resume, you are already ahead of those 30 other people who applied for the same job as you did. When I started university, it made my life so easier because I could get a job easily only because my professors and the hiring committee knew I had prior work experience in a variety of fields.


Tips for college-bound students!

There is anxiety; excitement, fear, insecurity, sadness and I have run out of emotions to type here. You’re probably familiar with these emotions, if you’re leaving for college soon. They are very common and believe me when I say you’re not the only one going through it.

When I left Saudi Arabia for the first time I was going though major anxiety, mainly because it was the first time I was traveling alone to a country where I knew NO ONE. When I got out of the plane, I was like a pup sloth trying to figure out life.

But it was the most exhilarating moment of my life. I could taste independence in the air and my transition into adulthood was beginning. It was all worn down only after the first week of orientation when homesickness kicked in. Luckily, food was there to comfort and I experienced the freshmen15. Which brings me to my first tip:

  • Food is temporary consolation:

It is there to comfort you till you gain 15 kgs and cannot even run a mile. That’s what happened to me, well, not entirely. I only managed to gain 10 kgs and then people started pointing it out to me and so did my clothes. Join clubs, that’s what they are there for; to keep your mind off your hometown and all the good food you’re missing.

  • Practice Small conversations:

Yes, practice makes perfect. I was very confident that I’d be great at it, since I am so chatty all the time. MAJOR FAIL. I stuttered, profusely sweated and made uncountable mistakes while speaking, making myself, and the people around very awkward.

  • Don’t pack EVERYTHING

Pack according to season, you will be coming back home after 6 months.

  • You’re not weird if you don’t drink: 

Drinking is prohibited in Islam, so drinking just to fit in is NOT a valid excuse. I have seen so many muslim students drink due to peer pressure. It makes me very sad that self-control is so rare. You can still have fun, if you’re not drunk!

  • Your friend’s circle will change!

You don’t have to be best friends with everyone. Not everyone is worth being in your life. You will find your people. It takes time, no need to stress out.

  • Take responsibility for yourself and your actions

Being an adult means taking responsibility for your actions. If you don’t do good on your exam, because you didn’t attend classes, don’t blame your professor.

  • Learn the value of money!

A very important lesson I learned in college was the value of money. I understood money that my parents were paying for my education was hard earned, of course, they could save that for their retirement but instead they spent it on me so I could get good quality education and didn’t feel left out. Make a budget of where you spend your money the most. Find work on campus so you can save a little.

My final advice is to acknowledge not many people are fortunate to go to college, so make the most of it. Make memories that you can cherish for the rest of your life. 🙂

Ways to be productive this Ramadan!!

First week of summer is always wonderful. By the second week you’re bored and want to go back to school and see your friends (at least this is the case with me). But what are some awesome things you can do if you’re not travelling this summer?

Here’s what you can do, if not travel!!

  • Make a film.

It’s all about VINE, SNAPCHAT and YouTube these days!! So get together with your friends and make videos. it’s an awesome way to make memories. I have plenty of dancing videos that I am too embarrassed to show anyone, but they bring back so many golden memories.

  • Start a podcast

Unfortunately for me I am not really interested in one particular thing, and it is kind of complicated to talk about my endless interests. So if you’re really passionate about something, why not share it with the world?

“If you have knowledge,
let others light their candles in it.”–Margaret Fuller

  • Invite people over

Since Ramadan falls in summer this year and people come back to Saudi Arabia to spend Ramadan with their loved ones, because it is the best can’t deny that! So invite your friends over. What better way to earn some Ajar (good deeds) if not to feed the hungry? Lol.

Besides they wouldn’t even complain, if the food is bad. I am not saying it “will” be, i’m just saying It “MIGHT” be.

  • Volunteer!!

Volunteering can be satisfying and uplifting, because you’re not only working towards a good cause but also being productive with your time. Ask around and get busy!!


As much as I love to buy new clothes and look at them every now and then, I hate giving away clothes I don’t wear ( DON’T JUDGE ME). I have an emotional attachment to them, even if I have never worn them (I know you do too). Pick out the clothes you haven’t worn in 2-10 years ( please don’t tell me i’m the only one who has clothes from her middle school still in her wardrobe) and donate!

  • Redecorate

What better way to spend time than redoing your room OR YOUR ENTIRE  HOUSE? Okay I got a little too excited there. Use your creative side and impress your parents or anyone else you want to impress. I am doing our family bathroom, can’t wait for the end result. I MEAN’T REDOING!!

  • Just sleep!

If everything else is too much for you, just sleep. But I’m not saying sleep like  a corpse and give up on life for 2 months.

PEACE!! \/

To wear makeup or to ditch makeup in Ramadan

 Since Ramadan is just around the corner, which means no eating during the day, no gossiping, no calling names and no eating, did I say no eating before? But with that, women also wonder if they should or shouldn’t wear makeup. Make up is empowering. People wear it for different reasons. I wear it because it makes me feel pretty and boosts my confidence.

As someone who admires her daily dose of makeup, I think makeup in Ramadan should be kept to minimal. When you let your body breathe for a month, you should let your face breathe too.

Now the real question is how do I do my wudhu (ablution) with makeup on and still manage to pray? Well, the trick is to do your wudhu before you put on makeup, but if you’re like me you’re highly likely to forget to do your wudhu.

So, instead of going all Kim K and putting 10 layers of makeup, ditch the foundation for a BB/CC cream, instead of using three different mascaras for one that is your favorite for your eyes to pop and a little blush. These three items can be easily washed off and reapplied. Therefore, wudhu can be accepted and you can go on with your prayers.

Ramadan as we all know is the month to purify our souls, minds and bodies. It’s the month of forgiveness and growing closer to Allah, so refrain from talking bad about others and stay pretty!!

Ramadan Resoluuuu–fooooooooooodd!!!

Every New Year, I make a list of resolutions that I follow till the end of January and then I forget about it. I know I’m not the only one doing this, and if you’re reading this and denying it, who you foolin’, son?

Since Ramadan is the month of purification and you’re told to refrain from daily distractions, I thought why not make Ramadan resolutions and I know I will stick to them since shaitan is locked up and can’t distract me, unless my own mind plays some sort of games on me due to hunger. Like Hunger games, only less violent.

You can have your own list of resolutions, anything you want to do or try to do every Ramadan and unfortunately you fail.

I try to finish the Quran and always alwayyyysss end up finishing it after Ramadan, so resolution number 1 is to finish the Quran in time.

Another bad habit is to listen to music. It just makes everything fun and the beats get really catchy especially during Ramadan time. Hold your horses, and don’t judge me just yet, I only listen to music in the last 10 days, which I just realized makes it even worse since that is the most pious time of Ramadan. Well, here we have it, second resolution of Ramadan. Oh you can judge me now.

Internet is a necessary evil. It’s useful, but it can waste a lot of your precious time (Facebook, twitter!!) So what we have to do is to make an honest effort to not go online that often. Obviously you can’t spend a month without it, but limit the time you spend online (we all know how easy that is 🙂 ), instead spend time making Dua for yourself and others and pray Taraweeh.

Happy fasting!!!

How To Survive Airports

I love planes and flying and traveling and learning about cultures and just pushing my limits, but as much I love that, I HATE EVERYTHING about airports i-e immigration, thefts, transits, and germs. A lot of germs, all kinds of germs.

I was travelling recently and thought why not share my Airport survival tips with the world, or whoever reads my blog. :p

1) Travel Pillows

I don’t understand people who don’t carry a travel pillow with them. I find it so comforting. it’s already hard to fall asleep on those germ-filled-uncomfortable airplane chairs, why would you distress yourself more by trying to rest your head on your shoulder ? Or perhaps the person next to you.

Some time ago, a man fell asleep on my shoulder. Since he was pretty old, i didn’t mind.

I am already pretty uneasy, now a stranger wants to get too close ? HELLO HEARD OF PRIVATE SPACE!

Lifestyle-shot---travel-pilhttp://www.independent.co.uk/extras/indybest/travel/smooth-journey-10-best-travel-pillows-9340571.html2) Dress Appropriately


Whether your flight is 40 mins or 24 hours, please wear something appropriate. Don’t wear too many accessories or clothes with studs or metallic detailing. There are people who have had little to no sleep and they just want to get done with this airport hassle and rest.

Also wearing heels at airports is hella irritating( not to you, but to other people). Keep those babies in your bag and wear flip-flops or something comfortable. No one wants to hear the clunk your heels are making.

2327cced362bb479b47b72ddb4568418 souboj-platenek-converse-keds-a-vans-8 Suki Waterhouse at Heathrow Airport, London, Britain - 21 Apr 2014

Learn from the best ^


People really need to shower before they get on a flight. You might think you’re wasting water, but actually you’re saving a lot of humans, if you just wash yourself.

For this purpose, I always keep a body splash or deodorant with me. I sometimes spray my perfume on the person sitting next to me too, when they are sleeping. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Go with H&m, M&S or Sephora sprays, perfumes, body splash. They smell brilliant and are cheap!



#sharingiscaringtheysay 🙂

4) Sneaky Airport Thieves ( YOU LITTLE BUGGERS) 

Airport theft is very common. Most of the time you don’t find your stuff, unless you’re lucky because well.. I think nobody really cares. So, either I am always very careful or keep extra’s of everything. Keep an extra copy of ticket, passport, all important contacts and extra money in pants, socks or bra. Yep. People do that.


Airport food can be expensive and yucky. What I do is that I always keep granola bars, chocolate, peanuts or small snacks like that in my hand carry. You never know when you might get hungry. What if you’re at the immigration, there is a long queue and feel hungry ? You can take out your snack and munch on it. 🙂





6) Delayed flights or missing flights 

Weather is unpredictable and your flight can get delayed anytime. Or you’re lazypants like me and have missed your flight way too many times. Missing your flight is no fun, especially if it’s an international flight. I like to keep things that can entertain me in my hand carry.

These are my hand carry essentials:

  • Headphones
  • Portable charger
  • Music GOOD MUSIC
  • A book
  • Coloring book or scribble
  • Ipad or computer
  • Sweat pants, if you’re wearing jeans
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste or breath mints
  • A body splash or deodorant
  • A face cream and HAND SANITIZER!!
  • Lip balm
  • Pads and tampons (if you’re a woman)
  • an extra pair of underwear ( or you can just flip them over. No don’t do that) 😐
  • Hair ties ( always great to keep extra)

7) Luggage Tags

Incase you lose your luggage, it’s always good to clip a luggage tag to your luggage with your permanent address on it. If someone finds it, they might send it or the airport definitely will.

Always be prepared, they say. 😉



8) Be Prepared:

When you know you have a long transit, google the airport before going so you know if there is a lounge of some sort where you can rest instead of walking for 2 hours looking for one.

I once had a 5 hour transit somewhere and I spent 4 hours looking for the lounge. Needless to say, it wasn’t so useful after that.

9) Web check-in!

I hate long queues, so i always web check-in. Some airlines don’t have that option, but if yours does YOU SHOULD DEFINITELY DO THAT, instead of waiting in the line for 2 hours and going to the airport 3 hours earlier.

-Thank you for reading, share your tips!! 🙂

6 rules to know before going to an Arab Wedding!!

All you need to know about before going to an arab wedding.


if the wedding invite says to be there by 10, leave the house at Midnight. Even that’ll be too early.

2: Eat your dinner:

You’ll be served breakfast, so you might want to have something before you leave.

3: PUT 30lbs. OF MAKE UP

if you think you’re overdressed and putting more than necessary, you’re not! When you reach the ball room, you will see all types of people and mostly overly done relatives and friends.

4: Take pictures before going

your phones will be taken away.. sadly.

5: Be ready to PARTAY!

You will dance.. you will dance all night

6: Wear comfortable Heels

…because you will dance.

You’re welcome! 🙂

Clothing Items every woman needs in her closet!

Easy Hacks For Lazy Pants

This post basically talks about important clothing items every woman needs in her closet. I go by the rule of buying once and buying good. Spend your money like you’re investing. Let’s say you spend 100$ on a pair of leather jacket which will last you longer because it’s of good quality rather than buying a jacket that costs about 20$ and will most definitely tear after a few wears.

My clothing essentials:

1) Leather Jacket ( obviously):

This one goes without saying, you can style it with basically everything and it looks so DAMN HOT!! Whether you’re going for a casual, street or a sexy look. Every woman should own a good leather jacket.

Tip: Make sure it’s well fitted. DO NOT buy “M” if you’re clearly “S” or vice versa. Don’t buy the first one you see, try on a few different jackets before you pay for the one…

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